So, when I was little I used to hate running, even in sports sometimes, because I would get the taste of blood in my mouth. Usually happened during running drills for soccer or running four laps around the baseball field or whatever, but not so much during the actual game because I was 1. A goalie, so I never really ran too much and 2. Baseball isn’t really a whole lot of running during games. I never mentioned it to anyone,

But since I started running back in late December, I never had that issue. Until the last two times I ran, this past Saturday and this evening. I forgot about it until it came back tonight and it tasted horrible. It literally tastes like I bit my cheeks by accident but it won’t stop bleeding, however, there is no actual blood.

Is this normal? Or is that a problem? I asked my athlete brother and he’s never had that issue. He said he’ll ask his trainer but I am kind of freaking out about it now because it’s been like half an hour and I still taste it if I cough.

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  1. boulders-and-cupcakes said: kind of an iron-y flavor? like, biting metal? i get that too sometimes.
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